Movers and Storage in Miami give 4 suggestions for storage units

Did you know that the number of personal storage units has been much bigger than the number of storage units that McDonald’s has? Well, it is the plain truth – people have been buying or renting these storage units for different purposes but mostly for storing items, clothes, old paintings, and furniture. Since moving became very profitable work, you can find a lot of companies that offer moving and storage for your items at the same time for a  reasonable price. Movers and Storage in Miami,  for example, is one company that offers mentioned service. Since we had a small chat with the first man of this company, we decided to share some tips for storing your things in storage units in Miami.

The most important – know what and where you have stored things

It is the very first step – you must know what you have stored in your storage unit. It can happen that your grandma asks for a painting she gave you, but you have no clue where it stands. She will be angry of course but to avoid this possible problem, you could mark or label your boxes. It is a great way to have a neat order among your stuff and know where your item sits.

Storage Units Are Not Heated

Keep in mind that you should not store things that are not fond of the cold. Storage units are not heated during the winter so you should keep that in mind. A glass vase could easily break due to a lower temperature if your storage is not heated. Bear in mind fact also that you could heat up your storage, but it is an expensive investment.

Another thing to consider is that you must keep your things off the floor. Melting snow could pass under the door and make a mess with your items. Or someone’s unit next door could be a full of water and that water could go to your storage. It does not cost to keep things off the floor, but it costs to repair them if you are lazy. So don’t be lazy!

DO NOT damage a storage unit!

In the same way, you don’t want your stuff to be damaged, the owner of the storage unit wants the same. Some owners even have a strict rule that you must clean your storage unit once per month. Keep it clean because of yourself, since you will come there more than the owner. The owner will care about the unit from the moment you leave it so leave it in nice and tidy condition. You don’t want to be pointed at and designated as a dirty and unwanted man.

Use small locks for the storage

Even though it’s almost impossible to get your storage robbed, chances do exist. When you rent a unit, the first you do is to replace the padlock. Just make sure you get the one that is weatherproof, so you don’t have to think about it when it rains. Also, a sturdy weatherproof padlock will be a good defense against bolt cutter – which means your storage is 99,99% safe.

Reclaiming Detroit tips – how to choose a good real estate agent

Nowadays, the world is full of real estate agents who are trying to sell or buy properties. While some of them are smart, efficient and focused, other just want to finish the job and move on. Many people think that all estate agents are dedicated and diligent in their task, but reality is completely different. If you are facing the difficulties of finding a good real estate agent, we are going to help you find the best, a one who will guard your interest and get you lucrative deal as possible. Here’s what questions you need to ask them when you set up a meeting.

How much?

The price is a crucial element when you are selling your property. You can ask your potential agent to estimate the value of your house and give you some figures. For example, if two agents tell you the price is $500,000, and one says it’s $600,000, think hard because the third one is exaggerating. The most important thing is this business is honesty and open relationship. If you make a decision to trust work real estate agent, you will be paying the higher price and your property will drive away potential buyers.

How will you market my property?

If you want to have a successful business transaction, you need to have good marketing. By placing the ads on the web and in local newspapers might some effect, but your real estate agent needs to have negotiation skills, to get in touch with potential buyers and makes them interested. In this way, you will be able to sell your house much easier and without spending too much money on a commercial.

How has your business developed in the last five years?

You need to make sure whether you are working with a trustworthy and reliable real estate agent. Every agent who is serious about his business will provide you detailed statistics of his clients, making sure you have a full insight. An office tour and meeting the personnel won’t be enough; you need to be familiar with his business and real estate agency. For example, how much favorable deal he has made, did he have some complaints, how are the customers satisfied and so on.

What is your specialty?

If you have an agent whose specialty isn’t selling residential homes or properties you intend to put on the market, then you are in a big problem. There are different types of real estate agents; you need to find the one, which will suit your needs. How can commercial real estate agent sell your home? He can sell it, but at what conditions?

What do you require from me?

You need to set up some ground rule in order to have a good business relationship. Since you have an expectation of estate agent, it’s normal thing that he also has expectations from you. Talk to him, and find out what requirements you need to fulfill so that you can get a better deal.

5 top qualities real estate must have

When choosing a real estate agent, you need to make sure to choose the best one. Buying or selling the house is probably the biggest investment you will ever make in your life. In this case, the estate agent is of vital importance. He will provide you the points and assure you have the best possible deal. If you are looking for a real estate agent who will sell your property or buy you a house, then you need to read this article in order to determine which one choose and which qualities to expect from him.

He needs to have excellent communication skills

Communication is the basis of every good business. If you aren’t able to achieve this with your agent, then you should move on. You are already under enough stress from selling or buying, so you don’t need an anxious agent, which will make the situation even worse. What you need from an agent is able to evaluate your situation and set the things in motion right away. A real estate agent has to have a constant contact with his clients and customers; this is the only way to ensure you the best deal.

To act proactively

By having a proactive agent, you will overcome many problems even before they appear. If an agent is able to see the problem before it occurs and prevents it, then you have made a right choice. For example, if he contacts the potential buyers of a seller, your property won’t be long on the market. Keeping the clients informed about all steps is the most important thing. If he follows the new leads and acts on them, you will have a great collaboration with him.

He listens to you with patients

We all know how real estate agents can be nervous and sometimes rude, but find the one who will actually listen to you is a real win. In this case, you can talk to him about your problems and worries, and he will try to find the most suitable solution. Don’t let him fool you because some of the can be very pleasant until you start working with them. Try to test their services, call them over the phone, or set up a casual meeting and see what you are dealing with.

He will try to motivate you

A good deal for the customer, bring a good deal to real estate agent. This is why you need an agent who will put your needs first. A good agent will always put their clients in the first place and make them top priority. Buying and selling a house is a stressful job, so your agent needs to make you happy, motivated and confident.

He isn’t afraid to give you his clients’ references

A reliable and honest real estate agent won’t be scared to show its customers’ database and their references. A real estate agents in Brentwood, CA says this is a great way for you to have an insight about what other people are thinking about his services.